Wednesday, April 01, 2009

SI's NFL Team Draft Choices

From Peter King's "Monday Morning Quarerback," March 30, 2009

Team (Top-100 picks) Overall choices.

1. New England (6) 23, 34, 47, 58, 89, 97.
Strategy: Look for the Pats to trade one of their three second-rounders -- and, if need be, a later pick -- for some team's 2010 first-rounder.

2. New York Giants (5) 29, 45, 60, 91, 100.
Strategy: Unless they can deal for either Braylon Edwards or Anquan Boldin, the Jints will use one of the first three picks on a receiver.

3. Miami (4) 25, 44, 56, 87.
Strategy: Bill Parcells went to see North Carolina wideout Hakeem Nicks the other day, underscoring how desperate they are to get a Ted Ginn bookend.

4. Minnesota (3) 22, 54, 86.
Strategy: The right side of the offensive line is a concern, as is receiver and youth on the defensive line.

5. Atlanta (3) 24, 55, 90.
Strategy: His freshman draft shows GM Thomas Dimitroff will make a trade to chase a player he really wants. If only Texas defensive end Brian Orakpo were gettable.

6. Baltimore (3) 26, 57, 88
Strategy: Corner, receiver. Receiver, corner. Ozzie Newsome's getting the best of both available at some time in the first three rounds.

7. Indianapolis (3) 27, 61, 92
Strategy: Colts always go by the book and take the best player at need positions. There's a slot receiver with Bill Polian's name on him: Ohio State's Brian Hartline.

8. Tennessee (3) 30, 62, 94
Strategy: If the Titans don't get Torry Holt in bargain-basement free-agency, they'll join the club of good teams yearning for a receiver in the first or second round.

9. Pittsburgh (3) 32, 64, 96
Strategy:Bryant McFadden took his physical cover skills to Arizona, and the Steelers will want a cover guy with the first or second pick.

10. Carolina (2) 59, 93
Strategy:Jeff Otah is this year's first-rounder; that's how the Panthers have to look at their '09 draft. Don't be surprised if the Patriots and Panthers deal.

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