Tuesday, August 08, 2023

Stat demonstrates Iowa is among college football royalty over last 4 seasons


Riley Donald 

Each year the Iowa Hawkeyes are often an afterthought to the national college football media. Sure, they have great defense and special teams, but they don’t always do the flashy things that analysts want to talk about.

But, who said you have to do those flashy things to win games? Iowa has proven it isn’t always needed and the Hawkeyes are among some of the biggest names in college football when it comes to how often they win. Really, that’s the only barometer that matters at the end of the season.

In a tweet, SportSource Analytics highlighted just that fact.

Technically, the data SportSource Analytics is showing in this tweet is from the last four seasons. Right now, 2023 results would only include last season’s bowl games.

Per SportSource Analytics, over the last four seasons Iowa is one of just 10 teams to have won at least 70% of their games, though. The Hawkeyes boast a 70.83% winning percentage since the start of 2019 with their 34-14 overall record. It speaks for itself. The Hawkeyes and head coach Kirk Ferentz don’t care how it gets done, they just care if they win.

And they do that among the best of them. The company the Hawkeyes are keeping over the last four seasons is downright impressive.

From the SEC, the Georgia Bulldogs (90.74%) and Alabama Crimson Tide (88.89%) are the top two winningest teams over the last four seasons. Each is in the playoff conversation annually and has won titles, specifically Georgia, repeating the last two years.

The Big Ten leads the way in winning games recently as they boast the most schools in the top 10 here with three. The Michigan Wolverines (76.60%) and Ohio State Buckeyes (87.50%) join Iowa as teams hailing from the Big Ten that simply get it done.

Soon-to-be Big Ten member, Oregon (75.00%), is also winning games at a pretty good clip. Also among teams winning 70% or more of their games over the past four seasons are Clemson (83.33%), Notre Dame (80.39%), Oklahoma (74.51%), and Utah (72.34%).

Interestingly enough, the rule would still apply for Iowa over the course of the last five seasons, too. The Hawkeyes have won more than 70% of their games dating back to the start of the 2018 season.

Since 2018, Iowa has an overall record of 43-18. That includes a Big Ten mark of 29-15. Each of the last five seasons has seen the Hawkeyes earn a bowl bid as well, going 3-1 in those bowls with the 2020 Music City Bowl canceled due to COVID issues.

The Hawkeyes are in the top 10 with some of college football’s annual playoff attendees and recent national champions. Iowa is keeping pace with some of the best teams year in and year out.

There seem to be some Hawkeye fans that have feelings of complacency or apathy toward Kirk Ferentz and Iowa, but his track record recently is among the best in the game. Again, while it isn’t pretty, it is effective.

There are 123 other schools that haven’t seen this success recently and should serve as a stark reminder that the grass isn’t always greener.

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