Thursday, October 27, 2022

Two-Time Super Bowl Champion Anthony Pleasant Defines Success For The Northview Chiefs


October 25, 2022

Two-time Super Bowl champion and Century native Anthony Pleasant spoke to the Chiefs Monday in Tommy Weaver Memorial Stadium in Bratt as they passed around his rings. Pleasant, a 1986 graduate of Century High School,  played defense for the New England Patriots when they won two Super Bowls.


Pleasant told the Chiefs that it does not matter that they attend a small school and live in small towns. He said success in football — and life — is about a willingness to work hard and be dedicated.


“No matter what background you come from, from the suburbs, from the hood, wherever you come from,” he said, “didn’t have a dad, grew up in poverty, rich. At the end of the day, it’s how can we come together at one time to win a championship. That’s all that matters.”


“If you want to be successful in life, hang around with successful people,” he said.


But he was quick to caution the Chiefs about how they measure success.

The Northview Chiefs are motivated as they are just two games away from an undefeated season with their eyes set on state championship rings. But there’s something about wearing that football uniform and holding two Super Bowl rings that provides extra motivation.



Pleasant said he was deemed successful with two Super Bowl wins and a career in the NFL because he was on national TV and in the media for years.


But just as successful in life, he said, is a man like Anthony Robinson of Century who also present for Monday’s event. We introduced you to Robinson last week as the Century Blackcats youth football program is looking to provide their players with STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) education during the off season.


“He was an electrical engineer,” Pleasant said about Robinson. “He’s also from Century, but he’s successful. You see me being successful because of what the media puts out there, but you don’t see what he’s doing.”


“He made it; well then we all can make again. Again, what I just do for a living is glorified is because you see me on national TV. But this man right here he coached a little league football; what they don’t see is that that he’s preparing those young kids to play for the coach right here to make this job easier,” he added, pointing to Northview head coach Wes Summerford.


“So, no matter what you do in life, you are doing something positive, no one may not see it but you may not get the attention but you are also successful  because you’re doing something positive to give back to the community. It’s now you’re making a difference.”

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