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Nate Ebner will launch his book “Finish Strong”


 April 29, 2021  Planet 7s USA Rugby

Nate Ebner launches book “Finish Strong: A Fathers Code and a Son’s Path”

The Olympian was excited to announce on his Instagram account that he will be launching his book on May 12. He also happily announced to fans a way to get signed copy’s due to popular demand. He says in his tweet:

”I’m so excited to be launching #FinishStrong with


on May 12th! I’ll be in conversation with Tom Rinaldi and you can learn more here: If you asked about buying a signed copy, this is your chance!”

Ebner writes about his inspiring story and his bond with his unconventional father, his father died tragically but their bond remains the same. His loss led him to achieve his goal and success as an Olympic rugby player and even winning three Super Bowl rings.

The Olympian is known to be very close to his father, and followed his fathers dream of playing rugby signing with the same club. But playing rugby proved difficult as is was difficult to earn a living through the sport in the country so he broke the news to his father that he would switch to American Football instead.

Ebner made the Ohio State Team and was drafted in the NFL by the New England Patriots. He later won them three Super Bowl Championship rings securing his legacy in the sport.

He then found a way to honor his fathers memory when the Rugby Sevens was included in the Olympic Games. He strived to make the squad for the 2016 Rio Olympic Games and against all odds, he made the squad and played in the inaugural Olympic Games.

His book is about an astonishing story about a father and son, and what a father will do for his son and what a son will do to honor his father. Finish Strong is a wonderful story to remind us of the lessons parents embody for their children as they continue to bear fruit long after they are gone.

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