Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Most bizarre NFL stats in the past 20 years: Mike Vrabel

by Mike Johrendt

All professional athletes are apt to producing some amazing stat lines, because that is exactly why they are playing at the highest level. And regardless of what sport it is, some of those stats live in infamy for the entirety of that sport’s existence, regardless of how good or bad the stat line was.
For the NFL, a lot of statistics revolve around the offensive side of the ball, with teams setting good and bad records all while trying to score points. These records do not always involve strictly offensive players, however, as this list will point out.
Here are some bizarre statistical anomalies that you may not be aware of.
The Secret Weapon For The New England Patriots… Was A Linebacker

A 13-year playing career in the NFL is nothing to scoff at, and linebacker Mike Vrabel made a living sticking his nose into the offense’s business and getting dirty in the trenches. But what he was also known for was becoming a goal-line weapon for both the New England Patriots and the Chiefs.

The former Ohio State Buckeye turned NFL player now turned NFL head coach for the upstart Tennessee Titans, Vrabel was the most efficient of efficient players in the history of the league when it came to being in the offensive huddle.

16 career targets. 12 career catches. 17 career receiving yards. 12 career receiving TDs.

That is right – on every ball that Vrabel ever caught in his career, it always went for six points – the incredible nature of this happening is quite unique, and even when the other team knew that Vrabel was in the offensive huddle at the goal line, they still failed to stop him on many occasions.

While Vrabel is much more well-known for his defensive abilities, the flare that he brought when he was playing both ways is something not many players can attest to, and Vrabel’s efficiency is bar none across the league.

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