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The 2019 ‘Spirit Of Nashville’ Award Nominees

 Posted October 7, 2019
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It’s finally here – the much heralded ‘Spirit of Nashville’ Award that nobody seems to be able to define. We have our list of the 2019 Spirit of Nashville nominees finalized, and folks – I am here to share that list today (the ballot is embedded below, so if you don’t care about all of this nonsense, just scroll to the bottom and vote). 
First things first, a brief introduction to who we are. We’ve found in the past that because some of the nominees shared this news on their social media accounts, we had a ton of people coming to the site (to vote for Paul Heggen and WKRN’s Good Morning Nashville) who didn’t actually know who or what we are.
In short, we’re a content/media company. We’re kind of inappropriate. But, we have about 25K-30K readers/listeners each month (we’re babies) – people come here to read our coverage of Nashville, the Tennessee Titans, movies, independent professional wrestling, and really any sort of viral content.

The best way I can describe it is that the SoBros Network is the Ke$ha spectrum – when we get serious about our writing, we are as good as “Praying,” but when we let loose, we are as fun as “Tik Tok.”
I’ll go ahead and address the elephant in the room while I’m at it, because I know people that have been on the SoBros Network train for years are probably confused as hell right now. Yes, this award used to be called the ‘SoBro of the Year’ Award. But, we found that people were kind of confused by the fact that people who aren’t SoBros were winning the award. So, branding/marketing and all that.
On to defining what exactly this award means…

It’s like a lot of what we do – shrugging and saying, “I dunno, let’s just do it.” Sometimes, this award is a way for us to recognize individuals who are doing exemplary work in the Nashville community. Some people deserve an extra pat on the back for all they’re doing and what they mean to their respective community (it isn’t always Nashville-based).

Sometimes, it’s based purely on performance. Look at how much success a person attained in a given year and give that a big shout out. Did someone win a championship? Is their name popping up all over the place? Do they have a smooth, silky voice they use to predict the weather on television? Do they make hilarious jokes about the potholes on 440? These are just a few examples.
It essentially sounds like there are no rules to being nominated for this award, and that’s certainly not NOT true. But, the general consensus is that being nominated for this award comes from having a successful year and being of strong character that matches the core values of our company. Those values would be:
1.     Create Fearlessly
2.     Uplift Others
3.     Be Humble
4.     GSD (Get Shit Done)

You represent that spirit, we’re going to take notice.




Who’s going to get the disco ball trophy in 2019?


Nominations were made by the SoBros Network staff after exhaustive discussions and even a little high jinks.


3HL – I still remember sitting in my car about to head into my shitty retail job the first day that Brent, Blaine, and Clay took the air for the first time. All due to respect to the other shows in the market, but 3HL was the shot in the arm that Nashville sports talk needed. This nomination is long overdue – they’ve long been the paragon of fun, casual sports talk in town.
Mickey Ryan replaced Clay in 2014, and after some shuffling around at 104.5 a year or so ago, Blaine jumped ship to the Wake Up Zone. His seat was filled by Dawn Davenport (who was nominated for this award last year), one of the most accomplished sportscasters in town. Throughout it all, the show never lost its good-natured and fun spirit.

Bussin’ with the Boys – Is anyone more emblematic of our ‘create fearlessly’ mantra than the team at Bussin’ with the Boys? Taylor Lewan and Will Compton are hilarious, relatable dudes who create a comfortable environment for their guests that brings out some of the best interviews out there. Call it ‘guys being dudes’ if you will, but this is one of the best podcasts going right now. Plus, we’re big Matt Neely guys on this website. This will technically be Lewan’s third consecutive nomination for this award.

Jason Martin – Big time props to JMart for blazing his own trail as apart of the 104.5 The Zone brand. With the advent of The Big 6 on weeknights at 6PM (Nashville time), and The Big 6 Blog, Martin is becoming one of the brightest stars in the region. I don’t know that you’ll find a more trusted source of all things pop culture, either. Of course, being the wrestling brand we are, I have to give a shout out to Squared Circle Radio here, too.

Nectar: Urban Cantina – They are our reigning “Best Overall Spot in Nashville” award recipient, so that gets ’em an automatic bid in the ‘Spirit of Nashville’ discussion. But, having the best tacos in Nashville (I will die on that hill) helps too.
My recommendations on the current menu would be the buffalo cauliflower taco and the veggie fajita taco. But, if you’re not feelin’ tacos, you can always go with the trusted burrito bowl. It’s worth stopping by every couple of weeks though to see what the specials are – this week, I ate a splendid pork belly taco. Not to mention, Nectar has some of the best homemade margaritas in town.
Lelan Statom – Statom has been “the godfather” of the Nashville meteorology scene for quite some time now, but this year, his efforts were rewarded when the National Weather Association named him the Broadcaster of the Year. He’s worked at NewsChannel5 for over 26 years – at this point, Lelan’s as synonymous with Nashville as hot chicken.

Jim Wyatt – Call it a ‘career achievement’ nomination if you will, but no one can deny the work that Gentleman Jim has put in covering the Tennessee Titans for what feels like forever. He is the gold standard of Titans coverage. We’re all better for the weekly #britches updates.



J.R. Lind – I’ve been calling him the best writer in Nashville for a while now, and I stand by it, especially when I’m a few deep and run into him at Tailgate. Sure, he’s an A+ #NashvilleTwitter follow, but it’s the advent of J.R. Spewing on the Nashville Scene that firmly entrenches him as a ‘Spirit of Nashville’ nominee.

Dennis Kelly – I’m not kidding. We’re going to keep nominating Dennis until he wins this damn thing. So, this is on you, Nashville. It’s 2019, and it is STILL a scientifically proven fact that if you put Dennis Kelly on the field, your team could score a touchdown. Plus, we found out this year that his professional wrestling finishing maneuver would be the jackknife powerbomb. Talk about a real journalism scoop…all kidding aside, Touchdown Dennis Kelly has been a stalwart of the Titans offensive line, and played admirably in the team’s 2-2 start. The Titans are fortunate to have a guy like him handy.

Brett Ison – This is the second consecutive nomination for “The Pitbull,” but 2019 was an even better year for him than the one that earned him the nod in 2018. He held Nashville-based Southern Underground Pro’s Bonestorm Championship for the entirety of 2019 up until losing the title yesterday (10/6/19), and has defeated a who’s who of independent wrestling in the process. Ison is truly Nashville’s champion.



Jurrell Casey – It’s time to start puttin’ Casey in the conversation among the greatest Titans of all time. I called him the Titans MVP of the 2018 season. But, the fact is, he’s been a game-wrecker along that defensive line for A LONG time. He’s perennially underrated in the grand landscape of the NFL, and is a credit to Nashville. This one’s a no-brainer.

Eddie George – Eddie George is a rare breed – one of the last few true Renaissance men out there. I saw him take the stage at TPAC earlier this year for a stirring performance in Topdog/Underdog. But, he also had his jersey retired in Nissan Stadium this year as well. There will never be another like him in two-tone blue.

Amy Adams Strunk – As far as owners go, I just don’t think it gets any better than Ms. Amy. She has become one of the most beloved figures in all of Nashville sports. Not to mention, she had a big time hand in the uniform release party a year ago that ended up going a long way in getting the NFL Draft in Nashville in 2019. Give her all the game balls.



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