Friday, October 28, 2016

Brandon Scherff Becoming Elite

By Hunter Noll
October 28, 2016

The Washington Redskins took some flack for moving Brandon Scherff to guard after taking him in the first round in 2015. He’s shut the doubters up though.

When the Washington Redskins selected Brandon Scherff in the 2015 NFL Draft, he was a right tackle. That looked like the plan moving forward. However, Morgan Moses had something to say about that. The right tackle that was taken in 2014 stepped his game up and won the right tackle spot. With Moses on the end, Scherff moved inside to right guard.

This move was met with a ton of complaints. Why would a team draft someone with the fifth-overall pick just to put him at right guard? It’s an important position, but that seems like a stretch, doesn’t it?

First off, that’s a ridiculous complaint. The Redskins clearly needed help with their offensive line at the time, and Scherff was the best in the draft. Second, it’s never too early to draft someone who protects your quarterback.

Scherff has made everyone that complained about the move look bad—really bad. In his rookie year, the right guard started all 16 regular season games and the one postseason game for the Redskins. He was named to the All-Rookie team, and even received two All-Pro votes. 2016 has been even better. Scherff has started all seven games at right guard for the Redskins, and has absolutely dominated.

It was never more evident than in the matchup against the Philadelphia Eagles.

During that matchup, the outcries for holding on Scherff from Eagles fans were at a numerous. The thing was, he wasn’t holding; he was just dominating. When an offensive lineman makes his opponent (especially someone as good as Fletcher Cox) invisible, though, you start to think there’s holding. See for yourself.

Brandon Scherff highlights vs. Eagles

That’s straight-up bully mode. Throwing people around like he’s Thunderlips from Rocky III. I can actually envision opposing defensive line coaches yelling at their players like Mickey and Paulie do to Rocky. Scherff throws someone to the ground and they start yelling “Run for your life!” “Remember the neighborhood!” (What a legendary scene and dialogue.)

This isn’t just a one-week showing though. It’s a weekly occurrence for Scherff to ruin someone’s day by throwing them around.

“Scherffquake” is GOLD.

Not even two years into his NFL career and Scherff already has a nickname for the devastation he causes to opponents. His ability to pass protect and create gaping holes for the running game have quickly catapulted him into elite status.
The Redskins were almost mocked for using the fifth pick on a right guard. 23 games in and one thing’s for sure: no one’s laughing anymore.

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