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Aaron Kampman is Packers all-time best in QB pressures

From Bob McGinn's "Packers' 2011 season by the numbers"

January 25, 2012


Counting playoffs, Clay Matthews led the team in sacks with six. Others players with two or more were Desmond Bishop (five), B.J. Raji (three), Erik Walden (three), Brad Jones (two) and Charles Woodson (two).

For the third straight year Matthews led the team in "pressures" with 53½. Besides the six sacks, he had 27 knockdowns and 20½ hurries. Matthews had 55 in 2010 and 45½ in '09. Since the Journal Sentinel began recording the statistic in 1998, the leader has been Aaron Kampman with 58½ in 2007. Kampman also had 55 in '06.

Following Matthews in pressures (defined as the total of sacks, knockdowns and hurries) were Walden (26½), Bishop (20), Raji (19½), A.J. Hawk (15½), Jarius Wynn (10), Woodson (seven), Jarrett Bush (five), Jones (4½), D.J. Smith (four), C.J. Wilson (3½), Vic So'oto (three), Frank Zombo (three), Morgan Burnett (two), Mike Neal (two), Charlie Peprah (two), Ryan Pickett (1½), Tramon Williams (one) and Howard Green (one-half).

As an entire unit, the D-line had a mere 37 pressures in 17 games. In two previous seasons under Dom Capers, the unit had 62½ in 17 games in 2009 and 101½ in 20 games in '10.

As a whole, the linebackers had 130 pressures in 17 games compared to 117 in 20 games last year. Meanwhile, the secondary had 17 pressures in 17 games compared to 21½ in 20 last year.

Wynn led the D-line in pressures per snap. Playing 467 snaps, he registered a pressure every 46.7 snaps. Last season, Cullen Jenkins led the unit with one every 16.1 snaps.

Following Wynn at the position were Raji, one every 47.49 snaps; Neal, one every 79; Wilson, one every 113.43; Pickett, one every 330; and Green, one every 460.

Capers blitzed five or more on 42.2% of drop-backs, an increase from 33% a year ago and 27% in '09. It was the highest five-man rate since the Journal Sentinel began tracking rush numbers in 1998.

Capers blitzed six or more on 6.7%, up from 3.7% in 2010 and 4.5% in '09.

In all, Capers blitzed inside linebackers 348 times, cornerbacks 154 times and safeties 28 times.

The most effective rusher among inside linebackers and defensive backs with 15 or more blitzes was Bishop for the second straight year. He had 20 pressures in 137 rushes, or one every 6.85 snaps. He was followed by Burnett, one every 8.5; Bush, one every 8.6; Hawk, one every 9.23; Smith, one every 11.25; Woodson, one every 12.86; and Rob Francois, who didn't have one in 23 attempts.

Clearly, Capers' blitzes from the secondary have dropped off in effectiveness. The unit had one pressure every 6.8 snaps in 2009 followed by one every 9.4 snaps in '10 and one every 10.7 this season.

Matthews led the club in batted-down passes with three, followed by four players with two (Hawk, Pickett, Raji, Woodson) and two players with one (Burnett, Walden). Among the players with none were Wynn, Wilson, Green, Neal and Bishop.

The Packers batted down 13 passes. DE Johnny Jolly batted down 11 of the team's 15 in 2009.

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