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Giants 2024 UFA Primer: LS Casey Kreiter


Casey Kreiter has been a steady performer for the Giants in an underrated position.


JAN 25, 2024 10:00 AM EST


Casey Kreiter, LS

Height: 6 foot 1
Weight: 250 lbs.
Age: 33
NFL Exp.: 8 seasons
College: Iowa

Casey Kreiter was signed by the New York Giants in 2020 to a one-year deal worth $1,047,500. Kreiter was acquired to replace long-time Giants long-snapper Zak DeOssie. Following a promising preseason showcase and the retirement of DeOssie that year, Kreiter earned his spot as the starting long snapper.

Before becoming a Giant, Kreiter signed with the Dallas Cowboys to a three-year deal as an undrafted free agent following the 2014 NFL Draft. The Cowboys would cut Kreiter that August, only to re-sign him in March 2015. Though he was given a second chance at becoming the Cowboys’ long snapper, Kreiter lost out to L.P. Ladouceur and was released before the start of the 2015 regular season.

After signing in April of that year, Kreiter finally got his turn to shine in 2016 with the Denver Broncos. Kreiter started in the first ten games before sustaining a calf injury that sidelined him for the rest of the 2016 campaign.

Kreiter played another three seasons for the Broncos as their starting long snapper, finishing his four-year stint with five combined tackles (four solo) and a Pro Bowl appearance in 2018 (the only one of his career).

Since arriving in New York, Kreiter has yet to miss a single game due to injury. Kreiter, who began his Giants tenure as No. 58, switched to No. 59 last year, yielding his former jersey number to new inside linebacker Bobby Okereke.

2023 Recap

There’s a saying in football that ‘the best ability is availability.’ And when it comes to Kreiter, he’s been as available as it gets, never missing a game due to injury since becoming a Giant. Executing clean snaps week in and week out, Kreiter managed to post a career-high in tackles (4) over 2023 as well, all of which were solo.

Why Giants Should Re-Sign Him

When you have a specific positional player that has delivered nothing but efficient and consistent results, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t keep them, particularly if they can be re-signed to an affordable deal.

Kreiter has grown into his role on this Giants' special teams unit and delivered a standout performance in 2023 for someone who’s never had more than two tackles in a single season.

In addition, Kreiter, who signed a one-year $1,317,500 deal with the Giants for 2023, will most likely stay with a one-year deal, which the Giants should be able to fit comfortably under their salary cap.

Why Giants Shouldn’t Re-Sign Him

For as good as Kreiter has been, he is set to turn 34 this August. While there is no evidence to suggest his game has fallen off, that's something to consider as he continues his career.

But more importantly, there is the money aspect. As already noted, Kreiter had his best season as a Giant last year. So would another one-year deal be enough, or might he want a little something more? And could the Giants maybe look to get younger at the position by bringing in someone whose veteran minimum would be less than Kreiter would need to receive?

The Giants have cap space and are expected to gain more with some anticipated moves. But at what point might the team want to start looking for a snapper to develop for when the time comes to pass the baton?

Keep or Pass?

Until the Giants find a long snapper able to deliver at the same if not better level, they might as well stay with Kreiter, who has chemistry working with Gillan and Gano, for at least another one-year deal. From punts to field goals to extra point attempts, Kreiter got the job done on special teams and delivered crisp snaps to his intended targets every game week this season.

Unless he asks for an outrageous type of contract, the Giants have no reason to move on from Kreiter. Kreiter comes with plenty of veteran experience. Seeing how well he played, especially last year, the Giants could do worse than to keep Kreiter around for another season.

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