Monday, September 18, 2023

Titans are best underdog in NFL under Mike Vrabel


Shaun Calderon 

If there’s one thing that the Tennessee Titans’ fanbase is used to by now, it’s the constant disrespect from outsiders that comes with supporting this franchise.

It’s not exactly hyperbole to say that the Titans are one of the most disrespected and overlooked teams in the NFL on a yearly basis.

Whether it’s the ridiculous narratives that are constantly thrown around about them throughout the offseason or the never-ending doubt people have in their potential, it seems like the Titans always have something to prove.

Truth be told, that’s the perfect spot for Tennessee, a team that historically thrives under head coach Mike Vrabel when viewed as an underdog.

In fact, ever since Vrabel took over as head coach in 2018, the Titans have won a league-best 23 games as an underdog based on the betting odds, according to ESPN.

Win No. 23 came on Sunday against the Los Angeles Chargers, a game in which the Titans were home dogs by 2.5 points.

Vrabel and Co. aren’t perfect by any means, but the Titans are undoubtedly a gritty team that is capable of rising to the occasion and standing toe-to-toe with anybody on any given Sunday.

The Vrabel-led Titans are good at dragging even the toughest opponents into four-quarter fist fights, and more often than not those matchups are going to go Tennessee’s way.

A lot of outsiders think the Titans overachieve when they win games as an underdog. In reality, it’s really a sign of their ignorance about the team.

Only time will tell whether or not this 2023 squad will be a legitimate Super Bowl contender, or even as good as any of the three playoff teams prior to 2022.

But one thing is for sure: the Titans aren’t going to back down from anyone as long as Vrabel is in charge.

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