Thursday, November 10, 2022

Titans’ Mike Vrabel is last man standing among 2018 head coaching hires


Shaun Calderon 

Following a fast and impressive rise through the coaching ranks, Tennessee Titans head coach Mike Vrabel was hired back in 2018 with the hope of elevating the franchise to an entirely different level.

At the time, many questioned the move and wondered if Vrabel was ready for such a significant promotion with only one year of experience as an NFL coordinator.

This skepticism was often amplified due to the fact that he was replacing a head coach in Mike Mularkey, who had just helped the Titans win their first playoff game in over a decade.

Fortunately, as time continues to pass by, the Titans emphatically proved that they made the correct hire.

In fact, out of the seven coaches who were hired during the 2018 cycle, the former Ohio State and Patriots legend is the only one still employed by their hiring team after Frank Reich was fired by the Indianapolis Colts recently.

Not only is Vrabel still employed, but he also received a multi-year extension during the offseason after producing:

  • Four-straight winning seasons
  • Three-straight playoff appearances
  • Two consecutive division championships
  • Two playoff wins
  • One AFC Championship appearance
  • One Coach of the Year award.

Vrabel’s career record (including playoffs) as a head coach currently sits at an impressive 48-30.

Also, barring something dramatic happening, it appears that the fifth-year head coach is destined for his fifth-straight winning season, fourth consecutive playoff appearance, and third-straight division title.

Needless to say, after several years of seemingly always being one of the franchises that inevitably hired the wrong guy, this type of recent success brings every Titans fan genuine happiness knowing Tennessee was finally the team that undoubtedly nailed their coaching hire.

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