Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Detroit Lions DE Trey Flowers donates 4,000 meals to hospital workers


  • Kory Woods
  • October 19, 2020

When Trey Flowers signed with the Detroit Lions, he immediately stated his intent to ingratiate himself in the community through community service.

Before the Lions grabbed their second victory of the season yesterday, he continued those efforts.

And he did it was a familiar brand in community.

Through his Flowers of the Future Foundation, he partnered with Happy’s Pizza to donate over 4,000 meals to staff workers at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit. From their Oak Park and several Detroit locations, the Michigan-based pizza chain created food boxes consisting of “Happy’s Wings” and french fries.

Chelsea Phillips, director of public relations for Flowers of the Future, spoke about last week’s events’ eagerness.

“We were looking to give back in a major way.”, said Phillips.

“During the pandemic, we wanted to do something, but still figure out how to do it with being socially distanced. Trey decided to feed Henry Ford Hospital frontline workers, and it’s a total of 4,000 meals that we are giving back over four days. Wednesday was 1,000, Thursday was 1,000, and this week it’ll be 2,000 more.”

Last week wasn’t the first time Flowers’ foundation and Happy’s Pizza partnered together. In December 2019, they worked together on a tv giveback for Methodist Children’s Home Society in Redford.

Mark Wolok, vice president of business development for Happy’s Pizza, was eager to partner with Flowers and his organization again.

“Trey wanted Happy’s [Pizza] because he’s familiar with our product.”, said Wolok.

“And Happy himself reached back out. We created a partnership. And we wanted to give, wanted to support and show our love to the community. As you know, Trey is a big part of the Lions, which is Detroit. Happy’s is a Detroit-based company, 25 years. And they just wanted to put love together, bring the partnership together, and thank all of the Henry Ford Hospital people for all of what they’re doing right now in the current times.”

You can find out more about Flowers’ community efforts in Detroit by following its Instagram page @flowersofthefuturefoundation.

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