Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Tennessee Titans: What Will Compton can bring to the team on the field


By Chris Clark


Just days after the sad news of the Tennessee Titans waiving Cole McDonald, news broke that they are bringing in fan favorite linebacker Will Compton for a tryout. Yes, you read that correctly: “The BOY” Will Compton.

If you aren’t a Tennessee Titans fan, you may be wondering who Compton is. Well, let me tell you. Compton became a Titans sensation in 2018 after he joined the team via Free Agency. He was brought in by Washington, as an undrafted free agent, in 2013. He has played seven seasons, five in Washington.

Compton is mostly known for his role as a co-host on the popular podcast based in Nashville, Bussin’ With The Boys, with Titans left tackle Taylor Lewan. If you’ve ever heard the saying, “FOR THE BOYS,” he and Lewan started that famous mantra that’s used occasionally by the Titans social media accounts, and a lot by Tennessee Titans fans.

Even though Compton is a fan favorite off the field because of his relatable personality, he is productive on the field as well. When he played in Tennessee in 2018, he had 16 tackles playing as more of a role player. With the Raiders, where he played a more prominent role, he racked up 41 tackles after joining the team midseason. That productivity is a must for the Titans defense.

The Tennessee Titans inside linebackers are young, and are led by Jayon Brown and Rashaan Evans. After those guys, there aren’t many notable names that can make a consistent impact. Compton would provide much-needed depth and experience, especially in a season with no preseason.

It is also notable that Compton played under head coach Mike Vrabel before, and during his short stint with the Raiders he was given the green dot, which allows him to communicate directly with the defensive coordinator during games to make adjustments. That is a representation of his knowledge on defense as a player, and already having experience with the Titans makes him that much more valuable.

Compton doesn’t just add value to the defense, though, but also from a special teams standpoint. Around half of Compton’s 16 tackles in 2018 with the Titans came on special teams. Titans General Manager Jon Robinson and Mike Vrabel have consistently raved about how important special teams is during their tenures in Tennessee. Robinson loves picking up players that can play dual roles in both offense/defense and special teams.

But, aside from all the on the field experience he brings, the Tennessee Titans should bring Compton in simply because he is a Titan at heart. When the Titans faced the Raiders in 2019, Compton ended up with a loss on the field, but a win for his wardrobe as he was gifted seven jerseys during jersey swaps with his former teammates.


We will see if he is signed after his tryout, but adding Will Compton wouldn’t hurt the Tennessee Titans at all. He is a respected player within the locker room, and a beloved player among the fan base. This move seems like a no-brainer.

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