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Raiders injury report for Denver? Initially encouraging – Jacobs, Mullen could play – The Reporter


ALAMEDA – Josh Jacobs could face the Denver Broncos on Sunday, Raiders coach Jon Gruden said Monday. Trayvon Mullen also, even after the terrifying sequence of the rookie corner that went on a stretcher in a 24-17 victory over the Los Angeles Chargers.
The same goes for the slot machine Lamarcus Joyner, who left the Chargers game with a calf injury. Left guard Richie Incognito, who missed the game because of an ankle injury, is questionable and potentially available.
None of these things is a certainty, but it was a rather encouraging initial report from Gruden at his weekly press conference while the Raiders visit the Denver Broncos on Sunday in a game that could have postseason ramifications.
Most likely, the Raiders enter the game thinking they have a chance. Without entering each permutation, there is a way they would not, but all that would be needed is for New England (12-3) to beat Miami (3-12) for the Raiders' hopes of being alive despite a record of 7-8.
Then, three things must happen to give the Raiders the No. 6 seed with a record of 8-8: Houston (10-5) beating Tennessee (8-8), Baltimore (13-2) beating Pittsburgh (8 -7) and Indianapolis (7-8) beating Jacksonville (5-10). Those games will be held simultaneously with the Raiders-Broncos game at 1:25 p.m. (PST)
However, Gruden does not plan to base decisions on who plays and who is not based on the possibility of reaching the postseason.
"We are going to play with the best players we have available and we will try to win the game," Gruden said, "We don't have enough bodies to rest the players." We will try to win the game despite the circumstances. "
Jacobs retired from the Chargers game after a shoulder injury (he says he is fractured) worsened after playing against Jacksonville. He has lost two of the last three games. DeAndre Washington (23 carries, 85 yards) stepped forward in his absence, as did Jalen Richard, who had five carries for 11 yards, but also a 10-yard catch in the fourth and 2 after returning from an injury in the ankle at the beginning of the game.
Mullen, who was injured in a collision with teammate Curtis Riley, went on a cervical table and was tied, similar to former Raider Gareon Conley in Week 1 against the Broncos. Conley played next week. Mullen could too.
"I received very good news about Trayvon Mullen," Gruden said. "There is a possibility that I can play this week."
Denzelle Good replaced Incognito, who was at the facility last week, occasionally wearing a protective boot but always under his own power and without a serious limp.
Gruden promises to wear blinders on the last Sunday of the regular season with respect to other results.
"You cannot control what is happening. We have many young players playing," Gruden said. "We've been saying that from the beginning… If we can get help, it will be great. It would be great."
Vacations week
There was no practice or access to the media with the players, their schedule changed during the Christmas week. The Raiders will have their initial tour on Tuesday, which is usually a day off. Players will be excused on Christmas Day, then resume practice on Thursdays and Fridays.
Raiders linebacker Will Compton (51) knocks down the Chargers Hunter Henry.
In his second game as a full-time linebacker instead of Tahir Whitehead, Will Compton had 12 tackles, seven more than any other, and left an even greater impression with Gruden with his presence on the field.
"I went out to the field to see one of our players and he took my case for not smiling, not having a good time," Gruden said. "He's a weird guy, man. He loves football. That's why he fits in here. But he really made some plays and hit a position where we really needed him."
Since joining the Raiders on October 30, Compton played a part-time role in six games before becoming a defensive caller and playing every hit against Jacksonville. He played all 61 snapshots against the Chargers.
With 23 carries of 85 yards, his highest career, Washington intervened without problems for Jacobs and has become so reliable in terms of assignments that he played in front for a kickback team in a hurry.
"We went out to start the last quarter, we didn't have enough players for the return kickoff team, so we threw it forward," Gruden said. "He just knows football, and that is the kind of players that allow us, I think, to win a game like we did yesterday, because at a difficult time, we can ask him to do several things well and he did it."
The carries reached the record of his career – Washington later said he was ready for more – and the yard was second after the 99 yards in 12 carries he had on Christmas Eve against the Indianapolis Colts.
"He was injured last year on the training ground, so we never met him as close as we did this summer," Gruden said. "When you're near him, you see a guy who is really professional. He knows how to block, he knows exactly what to do and he can do it inside and out. He doesn't make mistakes. He can run a variety of routes. He feels comfortable. in a backless formation, he feels comfortable behind the fullback and can run from a displaced position on the shotgun. "
Raiders quarterback Derek Carr had 26 of 30 passes against the Chargers.
Quarterback Derek Carr completed 86.7 percent of his passes (26 of 30) against the Chargers, his third time over 80 percent this season. He is currently completing 71.1 percent of his passes (332 to 467), but has fed on unsubstantiated stories that indicate that Gruden might be looking to replace him or put him into competition with a rookie when the club moves to Las Vegas.
Gruden said moving parts around Carr this season have not made it more difficult in terms of evaluating his game in the future.
"It's not difficult. We spend a lot of time together," Gruden said. "He has done many good things. I know there are many remote reports out there. But Derek has done a great job. He has done a great job for us. "
David Sharpe is back as the starting right tackle after replacing Brandon Parker in the second quarter against the Chargers.
Sharpe started against Green Bay on October 20 instead of Trent Brown, who had an ankle injury, and played a lot against Detroit. When Brown was injured again, however, Sharpe was suffering a calf injury and Parker was approved to replace Brown after a pectoral injury that ended the season. Parker started against Tennessee and Jacksonville.
"We asked him to be a tight end when he entered the game to give us a different look in the game of play and action passes and in the running game," Gruden said. "He is not a great road runner yet. Brandon Parker had problems, we made a change and now the ball is in Sharpe's corner. We plan to start Sharpe. He deserves it."
Gruden was joking about the route, by the way. Sharpe is 6 feet 5 and 330 pounds.
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