Tuesday, July 02, 2019

Coach Lindland’s Weekly Report: Adam Coon


5PM: Heavyweight was interesting. It was encouraging for both athletes. Adam (Coon) really impressed with his par terre, virtually all of his points came from gutwrenches, so that was important. Then there was Cohlton Schultz, who in my opinion, actually had certain advantages on the feet. How did you see their two matches?

Coach Matt Lindland: For me, that was a very intriguing matchup, period. You had a Cadet World champ and a returning Junior World bronze medalist, someone who is fully dedicated to Greco-Roman wrestling, and then you had a guy who is just coming off of a World silver medal and who just won the Pan Am Championships by pinning everybody in his path. Two guys, one who is up and coming and the other who has proven himself on the international stage at the Senior level. So you look at that matchup and you say, Okay, I know what Adam Coon is going to do, he is going to bodylock you. But if you can stay out of that bodylock situation, maybe you have a chance to beat him. And if anybody in our country has a chance to beat him, it’s Cohlton Schultz. And who knows? He might only be a year away from doing that, but it wasn’t his day.

Adam Coon has made some incredible adjustments. He is a brilliant guy. You can listen to his interviews, he believes that he might have had an easy draw at the World Championships? Who knows? I don’t know if there is such a thing as an easy draw at the Worlds. He did have a good path, but he still had to wrestle those matches — and he went out and took those matches to his opponents in the same manner.
But he also realized that he needed to make some adjustments because people aren’t going to just let him bodylock. He started to work on some other skills on the feet but the most impressive thing he improved on is his par terre offense. He and his coaches from Michigan are doing an incredible job preparing him and getting him ready. I’ve only had one camp with Adam (this year) and we worked on that gutwrench for three practices. I didn’t get a chance to see him use it. He actually tried a few lifts at the Pan Ams so you can tell he’s trying to add some new skills to his repertoire. He is going to come into this World Championships as hungry as a guy who has never medaled because he feels like he has something to prove.
5PM: No one can say he had an easy draw unless they believed he was going to beat Eduard Popp from Germany, which I did not. If people have a brain, they would know that was a match he probably wasn’t supposed to win and then he dumped Popp and pinned him. 

ML: Yes, but I think that’s what makes him so hungry to keep making adjustments and improvements, changing up things, and adding. You know, he’s not making big, gross changes. Adam still has a build for a bodylock. He has those long, long arms and knows how to move his opponent, get their feet moving. He has four or five different attacks from the bodylock position, as well. He can twist, he can suplex, run guys over, break them down. He has many versatile attacks from there. But — he might not get to that bodylock this year because people are going to stay away from him, so he’s adding other scoring opportunities and I have some things in mind for camp that I want to share with him.

But I am really excited to have Adam Coon on our Team again this year. The fact that he wasn’t in Final X for freestyle allowed him to prepare superbly and he did an outstanding job. And so did Cohlton.
Personally, I didn’t know what to expect. There were people who were predicting hard one way and there were people predicting hard the other way. The majority of the average fans probably picked Adam because of his accolades in the NCAA. The hardcore Greco fans were really leaning more towards Man, I think Cohlton Schultz can take this guy. But the size was a huge factor and the strength was a huge factor. Coon said it himself, that Cohlton would have tech’ed the 18-year-old version of Adam (laughs). And I believe that to be true. But he’s not wrestling the 18-year-old version of Adam Coon, he is wrestling a returning silver medalist from the World Championships who is hungry to go out and get us another medal for the United States. So I am really excited about Adam’s prospects this year.

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