Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Iowa football: James Ferentz vying for third Super Bowl ring

by Andrew Wade | June 17, 2019

Despite a journeymen career, former Iowa football player James Ferentz has managed to play five seasons in the NFL and win two Super Bowl titles.

NFL players can spend their entire careers trying to win Super Bowl titles. Meanwhile, there are guys like former Iowa football player James Ferentz who just happens to be with the right team at the right time. In just five years, Kirk Ferentz’s second oldest son has won not one but two Super Bowl titles, and he has good odds of claiming a few more along the way as long as he can remain with the New England Patriots and as long as Tom Brady remains healthy.
Ferentz may not be more talented than some of the guys currently searching for roster spots, but he has stuck around due to an insatiable work ethic and a fantastic technical understanding of how to play the position. Furthermore, playing the center position is one of the more difficult positions in the NFL, and it requires a player who understands the cerebral approach to the game.
Ferentz was born into football royalty as he learned offensive line under one of the best offensive line gurus in all of football, his Dad Kirk. Additionally, as the second oldest, he has the opportunity to learn and watch his brother Brian play for the Iowa football team and eventually become a coach in the NFL.
That bloodline is strong, and the strongest connection to the NFL is through New England where Kirk Ferentz has a great relationship with head coach Bill Belichick so the future is bright for James Ferentz.
He may never be a star, and he certainly isn’t in line to start this upcoming year, but if he continues to work hard, he could be a mainstay on the second string offensive line for the New England Patriots. First, though, he has to make the active roster and stay there. Over the past two seasons, he has bounced up and down from the full 53-man roster to the practice squad and back.
Heading into his sixth season in the NFL, it’s make or break time for the 30-year old career backup. The practice squad isn’t really an option anymore, so he needs to make the team coming out of summer camp. If not, James could be a hot name to watch in the coaching ranks quickly after his playing career is done.
My projection for James is that he makes the 53-man roster this season, but I don’t believe the Patriots will take home the championship. I also believe this very well could be his last season in the NFL. At the age of 30, there isn’t much more room for growth, and his salary will only continue to increase.

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