Thursday, June 15, 2017

Patriots Rookies Rivers, Wise Hang Back for Extra Work with Flowers

By Phil Perry

June 14, 2017

FOXBORO -- In two years with the Patriots, Trey Flowers has already established a reputation as one of the team's hardest workers. Judging by what happened at the end of Tuesday's practice, some of his extra effort has already rubbed off on a pair of rookies who play the same position.

After most Patriots players headed for the locker room when their post-practice conditioning runs were finished, Flowers stayed back with rookie defensive ends Derek Rivers and Deatrich Wise and a few other defensive linemen. They slowly trickled back inside until Flowers, Rivers and Wise were the last ones off.

Following a minicamp practice last week, Flowers was the last player off the field because he wanted to get some extra work in refining his pass-rush moves. It seemed as though his younger teammates wanted to see what those after-practice sessions were all about.

“His technique, he’s one of the best,” Rivers said. “I just watch him on film and he’s awesome. An awesome dude, nice guy, definitely somebody I can go to and ask questions."

Rivers added: "I watch everything, how he defends the run, just how precise his hands are, how accurate they are in the pass rush, how he gets his hips around -- every little thing that helps you get to the QB or make plays."

Flowers is less than a year older than both Rivers and Wise, but he seems to have adopted somewhat of a leadership role with this year's draft picks on the defensive side of the ball
-- whether he wants to admit it or not.

"A lot of guys can be a leader," he said. "I'm just one of the guys that works hard. If I can help out here and there, I can help out. But a lot of guys in that [defensive line] group, in that room, are definitely leaders. I've been in the scheme a little bit longer so if they have questions, I can help out."

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