Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Top 5 Current Ravens Most Likely To Get Into Hall Of Fame

June 22, 2016

Baltimore (WJZ) — Careers in the NFL are notoriously short and championship windows are even shorter. That’s why being enshrined in the Hall of Fame stands tall as the greatest honor in all of sports. Many wish to claim that honor, but very few are given the opportunity.

Here’s a look at a few of the current Baltimore Ravens that have a chance to be in the Hall of Fame:

1. STEVE SMITH WR – Steve Smith has made a name for himself as one of the toughest wide receivers in the history of the NFL. He plays with such a massive chip on his shoulder, that something as formidable as age can’t keep him down. So far in his career, he’s amassed 961 receptions for 13,932 yards and 76 touchdowns. 1000 catches and 15,000 yards are attainable for Smith before he calls it quits. If he can reach that milestone, his enshrinement to the Hall of Fame will simply be a matter of time.

2. MARSHAL YANDA RG – Ravens fans have always known that Marshal Yanda is a beast on the football field. The rest of the league has started to take notice with his rank at #37 in the NFL’s Top 100 List. His presence has helped solidify the line since his arrival in 2007. He’s versatile enough to switch to tackle if the need arises, but his play at guard has been nothing but exceptional. If he continues at this pace, he could be a lock for Canton.

3. JOE FLACCO QB – The Super Bowl XLVII MVP has already reached the top of the mountain in one aspect of his career. It’s that success that has him on this list of likely Hall of Fame entrants. Flacco has been rather inconsistent in his career since joining the league in 2008, which has made it tough to rate him as an “elite” quarterback, as we have seen in some spirited debates as of late. Regardless, string in a few years of exceptional play along with another Super Bowl title and you’re looking at a bonafide Hall of Famer.

4. JUSTIN TUCKER K – It’s pretty tough to make the Hall of Fame as a kicker. In fact, there have only been four kickers selected to be in the HOF since the halls were open in 1963. Jan Stenerud was the last to be enshrined in 1991 and is widely regarded as the only pure placekicker to make it. This means a Hall of Fame kicker hasn’t played in the NFL since 1985. Adam Vinateri has the stats to make it to Canton one day. Justin Tucker could be right in his footsteps if he continues to play the way he has. Tucker has been nothing short of spectacular since becoming a Raven in 2012. As it stands now, Tucker is the second most accurate NFL Kicker in NFL history. If he can string together another decade of excellence, Mr. Tucker could be wearing a gold jacket in no time.

5. BRANDON WILLIAMS DT – Expecting to see someone else? There may be bigger names on the Ravens roster with loftier accolades, but none possess the skills and potential of Brandon Williams. He’s been nothing short of spectacular since entering the league in 2013. His stout play at the line of scrimmage has been stellar and his ability to rush the passer has been vastly underrated. The sky is the limit for Williams. If he can reach his full potential and maintain that high level consistently, the Ravens defensive lineman will be in the conversation for a bronze statue when his career ends.

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