Monday, December 08, 2014

Markus Kuhn becomes first German to score touchdown in NFL

Markus Kuhn has become the first German to score a touchdown in the US-based American football league, the NFL. The 28-year-old was playing for the New York Giants against the Tennessee Titans in Nashville.

Markus Kuhn has gone into the history books, after becoming the first German to ever score a touchdown in the world's toughest American football league, the NFL.

The defensive end from Mannheim, Germany, was playing for the New York Giants in their 36-7 victory over the Tennessee Titans when, in the 14th minute of play, he scooped up the ball after a fumble by Titans quarterback Zach Mettenberger. Kuhn then ran 26 yards to the endzone to take the score to 16-0 in favor of the Giants.

Kuhn was escorted into the endzone by teammates, Jason Pierre-Paul and Damontre Moore, who then congratulated their team-mate with slaps on the back and on the helmet.

The German, who is normally just involved in defensive plays for his team, could barely believe his luck.

'No way this is happening'

Kuhn tweeted after the game that he had "always dreamed" of scoring for the Giants.

Speaking to the New York Post about the reaction from his teammates after his touchdown, Kuhn said: "They were like, 'They've even let the German score now.'"

Kuhn admitted that, as he scored the touchdown, he thought to himself, "there's no way this is happening."

Kuhn's touchdown was even more remarkable as it was the first TD from a fumble for the struggling Giants in 35 games. The result helped his team to their first victory in eight games.

The 28-year-old is one of four Germans playing in the NFL this season. Other representatives from Germany include Björn Werner (Indianapolis Colts), Sebastian Vollmer (New England Patriots), and Kasim Edebali (New Orleans Saints). Despite the recent closure of the NFL Europe competition, the NFL remains popular amongst sports fans in Germany.

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