Friday, November 14, 2014

Yanda named NFL's best

Former Anamosa standout Marshal Yanda continues to earn high marks from peers and media, recently being named the NFL’s top-rated offensive lineman by Pro Football Focus. (Courtesy Baltimore Ravens)

November 13, 2014

By Daryl Schepanski

BALTIMORE, MD — If there’s one thing former Anamosa superstar Marshal Yanda hates, it’s talking about himself.

When learning the national media was interested in speaking with him following the recent report he had been named the top offensive lineman in the NFL in the most recent rankings by Pro Football Focus, Yanda was appreciative, but cautious.

“If they had questions about the team or how we’re doing as a group on the offensive end, those I could answer,” said Yanda, who is leading the Ravens through yet another solid season with a 6-4 overall record through 10 games.

“This stuff where the media wants me to be talk about me or some sort of award I’ve won, well, that’s just not my style.”

Yanda, who was in Anamosa this past summer during a ceremony having his jersey retired, as well as the high school weight room named in his honor, is enjoying another stellar season anchoring the Ravens offensive line.

“My job is to help this team win football games,” he said. “I’ll talk about the team until I’m blue in the face. We’ve had our ups and downs this season, but we’re battling through and are in position to get back to the playoffs.”

Yanda earned a 16.9 rating from the Pro Football Focus panel, blowing away the rest of the NFL field as no other offensive lineman had a score above 13.8.

The former Raider and Iowa Hawkeye has also allowed just one sack this season.

“That’s my job, protecting Joe (Flacco),” he said. “I take that stuff personal. I work hard so I will never get beat on a play.”

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