Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Madden 15 Ratings: Marshal Yanda’s Toughness Skyrockets

By Rocky Friedman

August 18, 2014

Right when the Madden 15 ratings came out, there was one rating that really stood out for the Baltimore Ravens. Pro Bowl guard Marshal Yanda was essentially rated at an 86 for toughness, which is totally out of whack. The veteran has been the Ravens’ best offensive lineman ever since Jonathon Ogden retired from the league in 2007, and he is as tough as nails.

A couple of EA sports employers were at the Under Armor Performance Center (the place where the Ravens’ practices take place) Wednesday and they told the Ravens PR that they saw this video and made some adjustments based off of that.

Ravens Players React To Madden 15 Ratings

Guys, watch the video in the link above and you’ll have a great laugh – take my word for it!

When the ratings originally came out, there were 25 Ravens players rated higher than Yanda in toughness, including rookie quarterback Keith Wenning. That’s almost half the roster. Now that’s insulting.

After the EA Sports staff took a visit to the Ravens’ locker room, they found out the truth and bumped Yanda’s rating up to 99.
That's more like it.

“I mean, obviously that’s inaccurate,” says offensive guard Kelechi Osemele on Yanda’s low rating. “This guy broke his leg, came back weeks later and played against the Steelers. He’s like the only guy I know that can separate his shoulder and play at a Pro Bowl level.”

In 2007 when Yanda was a rookie, he volunteered to be tasered three times. In 2011, Yanda played a week after having emergency surgery on his calf. “He’s country strong,” Osemele says. “What do you expect?”

It’s good to know that people are still willing to fix their mistakes – as Madden did in this case. To see all the original Madden 15 ratings for the entire Baltimore Ravens roster, just click here.

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