Monday, October 21, 2013

Ted Ginn Jr. is a nice surprise for the Carolina Panthers

By Randy Inman
October 21, 2013

Ted Ginn Jr. has been the best free agent pickup by the Carolina Panthers this season. When I heard Ginn had signed with the Panthers my first thought was the kick return game just got better. Ted Ginn Jr. had other ideas such as becoming a solid wide receiver for the Carolina Panthers.

Ted Ginn Jr. was a very good college football player at Ohio State with 135 receptions and 27 all purpose touchdowns in three seasons. The Miami Dolphins picked Ginn with the 9th pick of the 2007 NFL draft.

Ted Ginn Jr. didn't ever quite get it done in Miami mostly due to poor quarterback play in my opinion. In three seasons with the Dolphins Ted Ginn caught 128 passes and had five receiving touchdowns. He did make a reputation for himself as a top notch kick and punt returner.

After joining the San Francisco 49ers Ginn slipped even farther off the radar as a wide receiver. The 49ers never seemed to use Ginn as much more than a returner and his reputation was as a wide receiver bust for such a high draft pick by the Dolphins.

But the Carolina Panthers needed a returner and also have been looking for wide receiver help ever since Mushin Muhammad retired. During training camp the Wolford Warrior Armanti Edwards got all the press while Ginn bided his time.

Steve Smith and Brandon LaFell really needed a third guy to help them out and Ted Ginn Jr has done that very well. Coming into the Rams game Ginn had 13 receptions, two touchdown catches and was averaging over 18 yards per catch. Ginn has also thrown some crushing blocks to help spring lose other players who had the ball.

Ted Ginn Jr signed a one year contract with the Carolina Panthers to prove he can play wide receiver and get a bigger contract with a team next year. I am sure Ginn would like to stay in Carolina if they are willing to pay him. Cam Newton is the best quarterback that Ginn has played with and that makes a difference.

I am a fan of Brandon LaFell but I think he would be a good number three wide receiver. I would like to see Ted Ginn Jr. starting opposite of Steve Smith or at least get more playing time for the Carolina Panthers. So far Ginn is without a doubt the best free agent pickup made by Dave Gettleman.

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