Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Packers' Tauscher a Treasure

June 23, 2010

By Tom Pipines

I had the pleasure of being around Packers Right Tackle Mark Tauscher the other day.

The Auburndale native and former Badgers walk-on came down from a morning OTA practice to honor a committment he'd made to the good folks involved with the Wisconsin Lutheran Child and Family Service.

It'd been a long day, but Tausch-along with teammates Corey Hall, John Kuhn and Josh Sitton--played a few holes of golf with those who gave their own time and money to the cause.

The fellas signed autographs, took questions from the audience--and made a great impression.

All four did the Packers proud; Tauscher told me that giving back is something that gives him satisfaction.

Mark especially loves coming up beside kids through the reading initiative program tied into his Foundation.

What impressed me was his complete understanding and appreciation of the tremendous good that he's been able to do
--because of the power that the Packers name possesses.

Mark Tauscher's Packers career appeared to be over after he suffered his 2nd serious knee injury during the last game of the '08 season.

There wasn't much off-season activity for a veteran in his free agent year--coming off the injury.

The big fella could have quit; he endured all the painful rehab for a chance to return-preferably with his hometown team-because he wanted to continue to be a part of what he felt was-and is-a special group of guys who work hard 12 months a year--for a shot at making it to the Super Bowl.

Tauscher's return to the team in mid-stream last year stabilized an offensive line that threatened to put its franchise quarterback in traction!

That was a great story; what's greater is that Mark Tauscher is a true role model-who continues to use his position to tackle countless great causes.

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