Monday, May 04, 2009

Hartline looks good at Dolphins' rookie camp

Dolphins rookie camp wrap - Day 2

From Omar Kelly's SunSentinel Blog on May 2, 2009

Every rookie camp the Miami Dolphins throw as much as they possibly can at the rookies and newcomers and watch to see whose head is swimming, and which players gobble it up. Who improves throughout the weekend, and who regresses.

Coach Tony Sparano said today was about seeing who can handle how much information -- take the stuff they're taught in the classroom and apply it on the field.

"We beat them up pretty good in the meeting rooms. We gave them an awful lot," said Sparano, who admitted he's pulling for two undrafted rookies to make the team.

I've always felt the small school players have the toughest road, but the upside is promising.

While I didn't see Saturday's session because of my wife's graduation, cohort Steve Gorten (my hockey homeboy) did his best to keep The Mob from missing a beat.

Steve, who runs a nice Panthers blog I'd like you to click on just to say "THANK YOU STEVE", says....

Fourth-round draft pick Brian Hartline looked good. He caught about a 15-yard pass from Nathan Longshore and a 20-yarder over Vontae Davis on a pass from Pat White. The second one, near the sideline, was an especially nice throw and catch. Hartline also had another impressive catch against Davis.

Hartline said he finally caught up with fellow Buckeye Ted Ginn Jr. and they chatted at the Dolphins' facility on Friday. While he's trying to digest the playbook Hartline is also busy juggling school work, trying to finish up his classes at Ohio State.

On balancing classes and NFL, Hartline said: "It is a little difficult, I’d be lying if I said otherwise, just because it’s really a second priority now. School being a second priority still demands a lot. This is my most important thing right now. Finishing up classes, but also being focused on this has been a little difficult, but I’m getting through it."

The dude also apparently was licking his chops to get his Dolphins playbook:

"I enjoy that kind of stuff. Sometimes it can help separate you, so I was more eager to get it so I could get started," Hartline said. "Once I received it, I calmed down and just got into it."

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