Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Phil Dawson’s Great Season Just Business As Usual

By Steve Dimatteo

December 14, 2008

Simply put, Phil Dawson is the man. Last year, I purchased a Braylon Edwards jersey because he is a playmaker (or was), and I figured he would be the guy to wear because he was about to be a Pro Bowler and would most certainly be with the team for some time. Yet I somehow forgot to mention the workhorse, the only guy still with the team since the 1999 expansion, and the only guy scoring points for the Browns in the last three games.

Sure, the Plain Dealer ran a good piece about him as a potential Pro Bowler this season (Lord knows he deserves it), but his contribution to the team goes well beyond just one good year. He has had to endure each God-forsaken season with every inept offense. I would imagine that it is hardly any respite that he had one 10-6 season and a blip of a playoff appearance.

I just want to take this space to thank Dawson for putting up with everything since 1999. No matter what, he continues to go out each and every week and deliver. We all know that kickers never the attention they deserve; if we aren’t hearing from them, it just means they are doing their job. However, Dawson has been the symbol of the Browns organization for years and he embodies everything this hapless group could ever hope to be. He remains consistently professional and it just isn’t recognized nearly enough.

I did buy a Braylon Edwards jersey. If I want to call myself a real Browns fan, I need to do the right thing and scour the internet for Dawson’s. After all, since 1999, who could possibly compare?

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