Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Aaron Kampman is an All-Pro Dad

By Emily Matesic

October 15, 2007

The relationship between dads and their kids was the focus of an event at the Don Hutson Center on Saturday. The Packers and Thrivent Financial for Lutherans hosted the All-Pro Dad, Father and Kids Experience.

Packers defensive end Aaron Kampman and defensive coordinator Bob Sanders don't just shine on the field, but off the field as well. The two are part of All-Pro Dads, a non-profit organization which encourages men to be better fathers.

This afternoon more than 1,000 dads and their kids dressed in green and gold and took part in an All-Pro Dad event.

Kampman said, "It's an opportunity really to just spend some time and give dads some encouragement some practical advice on how to be better dads."

That advice and encouragement came during a short lecture session followed by football drills. During the lecture, Aaron Kampman relied on advice his father gave him when he was expecting his first son. He told the dads to be better fathers and love your wife. It's advice the dads seemed to take to heart.

"It's a great example it sounds like it's uncommon to say that to be a great dad but I really believe that as far as loving your wife and setting an example for your kids," said Bryan Keup of Waukesha.

And since kids were the real reason dads came out to play today, any and all advice was welcome.

Twin Lakes' Carl Anderson said, "It's just an opportunity to spend some time with my kids and do something that's cool and neat and different and maybe pick up some points on how to be a better dad."

Even though many of these dads tripped and tumbled thought the football drills, it was a fun day not only for the old men but the kids as well.

Matthew MacIntyre of Waukesha said, "I just like them because they're fun and I feel like I'm getting to know my dad better."

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