Thursday, April 12, 2007

An interview with Ted Ginn Jr.'s agent

By Chick Ludwig
April 12, 2007

The following is a transcript of Dayton Daily News' NFL writer Chick Ludwig's interview with Neil Cornrich, the agent for former Ohio State wide receiver Ted Ginn Jr.

After four months of rehab for a left mid-foot sprain, Ginn reportedly was clocked at 4.3 seconds in the 40-yard dash at his campus workout for NFL scouts on Wednesday. The NFL Draft is April 28 and 29.

Q. How did Ginn's workout go?

A. "Prior to the workout, we spoke with a number of decision-makers for clubs — various general managers, etc. — and informed them that due to the healing time required for Ted's injury, that he was going to participate in drills today, but would not be at peak-performance levels.

"Most of the observers were delighted with the progress that he's made in the very limited time he's had since his injury has healed, and he continues to progress."

Q. What did Ginn do at the workout?

A. "He ran the 40-yard dash and participated in wide-receiver drills."

Q. How many scouts were on hand?

A. "The vast majority of the (NFL's 32) teams were there. It's my understanding that the number of people that came to see Ted was comparable to the number of scouts who were there for the entire rest of the team's Pro Day earlier this Spring (March 10)."

Q. What kind of player and person is Ginn?

A. "There's not a better player or person in the country. Ted is a unique individual in that he plays a thoroughbred type of position, yet brings to the position the presence that he developed as a coach's son. He's poised and humble at all times. He's such a breath of fresh air in that he's all about the team and winning. If there's a nicer player in the country, I'd like to meet him. He's just a tremendous individual."

Q. How do you respond to skeptics who call Ginn brittle?

A. "It's almost comical because if you look at him he has had remarkable durability for a player that's been as dynamic and exciting — almost unheard-of durability.

"Beyond that, he's really never been hurt playing football. His injury was when he was handing a ball back to a referee and unfortunately a teammate, in his exuberance, injured him. I don't think that (durability) is a question at all. He's just been remarkably durable.

"Ted's very fortunate that it was an injury that was non-operative and it's just a question of giving it time for him to be back at peak-performance levels. He's now healthy. Now he just has to get back on a conditioning basis to peak-performance levels.

"The nice thing is training camp doesn't start until July and he'll be running his 4.1 40s by then."

Q. Which teams are interested in Ginn?

A. "There's been an expression of interest in Ted by every team drafting in the top 10."

Q. Are the Bengals in the hunt for Ginn with the No. 18 pick?

A. "The Bengals are a great organization. Ted's a great player. I'm sure things will work out well for both of them."

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